New Red Ball

New Red Ball is mobile game created by gamikro company. Our New Red Ball Game inspired by good old classic red ball 1 game. Unfortunately red ball creators is not continued to create flash games.
Ultimate red ball game:

Now Today players are not limited to play red ball in flash game on browser based system, you can play new red ball game with new design and more levels. Possible to play new red ball game in your mobile phone or tablet, free game for yourself and for your kids if have any.

Download Red Ball Game

New red ball game has served on android google play mobile market, you can find it in apple store and windows phone market.

Story of New Red BAll Game

New Red Ball is little hero in his own world. One day he realizes that the tree in front of his house is lost. Play with him in this platform game and find the truth behind the lost tree. Someone destroying green forests, and bringing rock and metal instead of trees. so red ball needs to find the responsible Bad Guy, At level 20 of game you will find him. Go and get him tiger :).

Platform game lovers will love new red ball. Also all kind super hero game fans may love the new red ball. You will find different puzzles and labyrinths in game along 20 different levels, also player will find your way in candy boxes and longest platrofm maze. Little kids may play first levels , but you need more game skill for higher levels. This new Game designed to fit both mobile phones and tablets with Hd resolution. New version of old classic "Red Ball" game.

Story of new red ball :
story of red  ball

How to Play New Red Ball

Playing controls of new red ball:
how to play new red ball game
New Red Ball game played with two hand. Your left hand would control Left-right movement of the ball. Your right hand would be only moved for jump of red ball, now this is a ball that supposed to jump and roll around.

right arrow button left arrow button Left and right arrow keys : stay your finger continuously.
jump arrow button Right thmub for jump: Touch once for jumping. Red Ball always retry jump ,If you put your thumb here continuously.

flag Goal of new red ball is finding the flag at end of each level (in new version of red ball you will see a flower or pink ball at the en of game). Except the level 20, red ball will find the bad guy in that level. After that you will save the trees and pink ball his love, also someone beloved waiting for you in level 21.

new red ball 1
You will go to winter level and see the winter. new red ball 2
in dark forest level you will find the crazy mushrooms. new red ball 3
in candy boxes level you will solve the puzzle made of colored boxes.

You can find old red ball flash games in another web pages around the world. Especially old red ball is playable on browsers supporting flash plugin still.

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New red ball is free game of Gamikro company.